1. Rules of Play - by entering PlaySpace, all customers agree to abide by the Rules of Play.  These rules are maintained for the safety of all customers and staff, and PlaySpace reserves the right to ask any customer to leave who repeatedly disregards these rules.
Click here to see the Rules of Play
2. Discounts (generally).
Unless otherwise stated, discounts on admission fees, cafe purchases, birthday parties or other goods, services or merchandise CANNOT BE COMBINED.  In the case of two or more different discounts being applicable, the customer may choose which one will be applied.
3. Big Kids' Policy
For the safety of all the younger children playing at PlaySpace, children who are aged 11-16 and/or 4'9" (145cm) tall are too big to play on the soft play equipment at PlaySpace.  They are also too young to supervise younger children - this must be done by an adult who can take full responsibility for the child(ren) in their care.
Big Kids will only be admitted at Manager's discretion, and will normally have to 'Pay as a Child, Behave as an Adult' - meaning that they are charged full child entry fees but cannot play.  (Sorry, we know this seems unfair but we have found that it is the best way to ensure that no big kids are spoiling the fun for the younger ones.)